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KC Flight - Planet E - chart: no. 48

Family Stand - Ghetto Heaven - chart: no. 10

Eternal - Crazy - chart: no. 15

Eternal - Oh Baby - chart: no. 4

Eternal - So Good - chart: no. 13

Eternal - Save Our Love - chart: no. 8

Eternal - Stay - Chart: No. 4

I gave Pete Waterman the first chance to sign Eternal, then, after months of contract talks, he pulled out on the morning of the signing leaving the teenage girls with thousands of pounds in legal bills to pay. In the same week it was reported in the newspaper that he had invested GBP300k on Koi Carp! He said it was because Eternal would never sell a record. The girls went on to sell FOUR million albums before retiring to have families. The debut single Stay was the first hit right out of the box. Eternal were created after working with En Vogue so successfully. Another hit idea but with a group of girls who were no puppets – Esther could really sing her ass off. Great days. All the next generation of girl groups like the Spice Girls were born out of the success of this project plus the others that followed SugerBabes, AllSaints, Mystique, Girls Aloud etc etc etc. The path was laid out for them but the best by miles were En Vogue.

Erik - Looks Like I’m In Love Again - chart: no. 44

En Vogue - Lies - chart: no.44

En Vogue - Hold On - chart: No.5 in the UK and No.1 in the USA

Hold On the Video is coming 🙂

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