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Discography of West End Remixes and productions

From 1988 to 1999, in an extension to his previous work at the record labels, Gordon became at first a producer and freelance remixer of various artistes records, and then an artist – as a front man producer and the hub of any “band” – in his own right. The function of both producer and artist was fulfilled under a series of aliases, including: WestEnd; EG; Ed-Did-It; EGor and Jo Cool.

Under these alias labels, Gordon, with his personally chosen team of Barney Chase, Peter Pritchard and Pete Oxendale, remixed over 75 records for various labels and record companies for mainly the UK, European club scene and North America.

This era included six Top 40 hits songs released off Eternal’s debut album “Always & Forever”. The songs were “Stay”, “Crazy”, “Just a Step from Heaven”, “Sweet Funky Thing”, “Save Our Love”, and “So Good”. All of which went to No: 1 in the UK Club Charts and helped the Eternal album sell 4 million copies. There are 3 West End remixes prominently featured on Eternal’s top selling “Greatest Hits” album

The UK music charts love affair with girl groups was created from this success including the Spice Girls, Girls Aloud, All Saints, Atomic Kitten, The Sugarbabes etc.

WestEnd also enjoyed Club Chart Number 1 success with many other artists including Dina Carroll “Here”, “Ain’t No Man” and “Express”, Donna Summer “Melody of Love” and Toni Braxton “Breathe Again”. Further information in the discography below.

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