BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix

The year 2000 Millennium - BBC Radio One - 24hr Essential Mix

How to celebrate two Millenniums in one day. By flying backwards over the International Date Line from Sydney Australia to Honolulu Hawaii with dance music the choice for this unique occasion. An Eddie Gordon concept/idea to full reality for the BBC and the dance music world. Delivered with aplomb, putting dance music on the front page and centre stage.  Back in 1984 the only dance music section on BBC Radio 1 was 12 mins a week, called Steppin Out, every Monday at 6pm on the Peter Powell show. A mission of change was pledged. 16 years later on the most significant day of the century, Dec 31st 1999, we had 24 hours. The UK’s most powerful radio station locked into dance music. Mission achieved… Thank you.

BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix

An EG idea/concept delivered to the world via BBC Radio 1. October 1993 - 2022. Now the world's longest running mix show on Radio in its 29th year.

The Essential Mix changed my life

A piece written in 2001 about the Essential Mix show by a music fan on a blog that speak volumes more than I could on how important the Essential Mix show became to its audiences. It was always my greatest pleasure to see music make people happy from DJ'ing to producing events or radio shows.

The 1997 Sony Award Winning 'GOA' Essential Mix by Paul Oakenfold

The ESSENTIAL MIX is a weekly radio show on BBC Radio 1 currently broadcast between 03:00 and 05:00 Saturday morning. The first broadcasted show was on 30 October 1993, The Essential Mix features contemporary DJs and music producers of electronic dance music.

BBC Radio 1 in Ibiza 1995-2020

25 Years of BBC Radio 1 in Ibiza by Eddie Gordon (KINGS of Spins).

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