West End - Love Rules

RCA 12″ UK 1995 Club remix of the Lamont Dozier and Simon Climie song Love Rules sung with gusto by Lorraine and the West End girls. The project became the template for the Spice Girls – no kidding. A Club Chart No.1

A national tour with Take That and record company RCA in full support but foiled by management greed and one Small-minded man.  Looking at Girls Aloud etc now the West End girls should have been a success. Thank you sir Peter Oxendale you tried your very best as did the girls, Denis and myself. Enjoy this mix 24 years later its still a very tight powerful remix of the original song. Which one of the girls is in this photo? Its not Sheryl, Lorraine or Dawn :-). 


I love this mix below, such an energy to it and grabs you by the ears from the first beat, one of West End’s remix teams best, even all these years later. It kind of defied a genre back then, ahead of its time being heard as Future House now. I just had to play it now at full blast through the house “Love Rules” indeed… 

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