Palos Verdes - Redondo Beach, California

Palos Verdes - Redondo Beach, California

Beautiful Redondo and Palos Verdes in California. For me, heaven on earth. I love Palos Verdes, Redondo and Torrance beach, oddly abbreviated as RaT Beach by some locals. The Sunsets here on any given day can be spectacularly colourful and just mesmerizing. I have been very lucky to have visited some of the world’s finest beaches in Rio, Hawaii, Goa, Ibiza, Malibu, Miami South Beach, Maldives, Lanikai beach, Mauritius, Cape Town, Camber Sands and Bondi amongst many others but it is Redondo Beach that has always captured my heart for its colourful sunsets. Just my personal preference you understand.

See why in the video. The thumbnail photo, a little blurred, was taken of the sunset from my phone one day then I noticed the person doing a handstand with the flying bird in the diagonal corner so had to keep it. Dedicated to Patricia Taylor, a wonderful sunflower missed by many. Thank you for the parties and lovely memories.

Some of the images are from the fabulous photographer-blogger Tom Bertolotti. Check out his link below. Tom Bertolotti, Photographer


(Note to self – exactly 13 months)

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