Marvin Gaye - A Prophet

I was 12 when I first heard this song as track 4 on the B-side of my Mum’s Super Bad 24 track Soul compilation. The melody haunted me and I kept on playing it over and over again. Later I realised the significance of the lyrics and became a life long fan of this troubled man’s work.

I worked with his God- daughter Latrece in ’95. When she was a little baby, he famously went and babysat for whilst he was supposed to be back-stage getting ready for a concert in Chicago. Instead he was singing songs to her to get her to sleep.. 

Seeing him live at the Royal Albert Hall in 1980 before he lost his way in life is a cherished memory. Sexual Healing can’t hold a candle to the I Want You album – that was pure and unadulterated love music

Check the video here for a live rendition of What’s Going On with Marvin at the piano – pure artistry in its form. Recorded at a Save The Children concert.

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