Black Box - Ride On Time

Black Box - Ride On Time - chart: No.1 - for six weeks!

The record that changed dance music the world over, No.1 for six weeks in the UK and a happy time at RCA Records in the summer of 1989. Daniele Davoli the main man behind the record is still a good friend today nearly 30 years later.

I remember strangely being disappointed when after 6 weeks at No 1 in the UK National singles chart it was replaced by Jive Bunny – but Black Box, the Italian producers had the last laugh as “Ride On Time” was the best selling single of 1989.


The original recording heavily sampled Loleatta Holloway’s song “Love Sensation”. She objected, and further pressings had a different singer. I personally had a telephone conversation in my RAC office with Loleatta agreeing with her feelings. She was an incredible singer. RIP Loleatta..

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