Al Green

A soul singer who I never worked with but I’ve loved his songs for over 44 years. When I was 15 years old I had a school friend called David Mackledon, probably the coolest guy in the entire school, not just our class-room. He could score a goal from the half way line like Beckham, swagger into school wearing Levi staypress trousers, black brogues and smelling of Aramis scent, whilst humming songs off the latest Al Green album. We were talking music one day and he introduced me to Al Green’s music as the perfect soundtrack to a night on the sofa with your girlfriend.

His youthful Mum had bought him the album to check out. It was a Richie Cunningham and the Fonz moment, if you ever watched Happy Days. I was the nerd Richie. I went home thinking if it was good enough 

for coolest guy in school it had to be worth finding out. We didn’t have YouTube then (not for another 30 years 🙂 so I had to wait until the weekend and go into town to ask the record shop if they could play me some Al Green songs.

Suffice to say over 44 years later Al’s music still sits on my iPod, in my record collection and I saw him live in London in 2006 – he can still hit all those notes perfectly. One of my favorite songs from Mr Green’s repertoire is “You Ought To Be With Me” check it out here.

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